Coding for Kids and Teens

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The Coding Program powered by 'Under the GUI' is a co-developed computer programming class for children aged 6 to 18. We provide a rich and engaging environment that inspires children and teens to innovate, think critically, and create with technologies on the fringe of our hi-tech culture. Our teachers encourage students to expand their limitless creativity through the creation of video games, apps, and traditional software using the same tools used by professionals in the field.

By getting “under” the interface, students will learn about the processes that control it. As the developer of their game, our students have the opportunity to find their innovative potential through our curriculum as they progressively master their skills within each level. Students will learn specific program language(s) at each level such as Blockly, Python, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Java, using various platforms: (web-based integrated development environment (IDE)), Unity 3D (a cross-platform game engine), and Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE).

Program Overview

1.) Junior Coders / Ages 6 - 9

• Children will develop logical thinking, creative exploration, and critical reasoning.

• Exclusive program using Google's block-based language “Blockly” and characters from Brambleberry Tales.

• Designed for children to start understanding the fundamentals of code in a fun and engaging way.  Stacking together programming components, such as actions, events, and operators.

• Students will comprehend the flow and logic of coding while focusing on the essential skills of computer navigation and keyboard skills.

• Python will be introduced in the course.

2.) Levels 1 - 6 / Ages 7 - 18

• Each level consists of two 5-month semesters that progressively teach students computer algorithms through the application of knowledge and creation of software that is applicable in the real world. 

• Range from simple mobile applications to full virtual reality games and advanced computer science.

An assessment will be issued to determine the level placement.

A laptop computer with Wi-Fi capability, internet browser, and a minimum of Windows 7 or OSX operating system installed are required for the course.

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