• Daisy :

    When I was looking for Maths coaching for the kids, several friends referred me to this school. Indeed their staffs were very helpful and responsible. The amazing thing is that the school has a very good teaching system which really help the students improved a lot!

  • Puja :

    Both my kids are current students going for the past 4 years. They look forward every Saturday to attending class and excel at their academic program here and day school. They have taken Math, Science, English, Writing and topped every year. They highly speak of their teachers and have also enjoyed their art drawing program here. They look forward to meeting their friends. If students love learning and want to study its good program to reinforce concepts for school and make kids more confident while being affordable compared to other places. My son is in IB now.

  • Annie Girl :

    My friends recommended Reidmount for their expertise in math and coding. My kids love the teachers and the content and actually look forward to their sessions. They are highly engaged in the success of their students. I cannot speak highly enough of Reidmount and their staff. Keep up the great work!

  • Christina :

    Words r very simple , unless they r sincerely meant from the heart! And what u & ur staff do year after year, striving to do the best, is beyond words!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, especially for being the back bone of the entire REIDMOUNT SCHOOL & making sure the children & their families are given the best education possible! 

    I, as a mom, appreciate what ur school has offered both my girls..., ABIGAIL & DANIELLE .., the knowledge, challenge & confidence to be better students each year!

    I'd like to thank the entire team @ Reidmount, & wish u all happy summer holidays.