What is virtual learning?

Author: Reidmount Saturday School |

Traditionally, Reidmount classes are held in person in a classroom setting. However, due to health and safety issues caused by COVID-19, all Reidmount classes have gone virtual.

Virtual learning is education that takes place over the internet. It is also known as "e-learning", "distance learning", "remote learning" and "online learning".


Our online classes utilize a state-of-the-art videoconferencing platform and are set up to replicate the classroom environment in the following ways:

- weekly scheduled real-time classes

- teacher-led live and interactive sessions with students

- teacher and students engage simultaneously in learning activities


Technology tools used in our e-classes to deliver lesson contents and enable productive collaboration include:

- microphone and camera so teacher and students can see/communicate with each other

- computer screen sharing of materials

- on-screen annotation without installing external hardware

- online whiteboard used like the traditional classroom blackboard to provide visual aids when explaining concepts

- built-in text chat box for instant messaging to the teacher when needed


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